Jessica and Rey have changed my life

Yes, I went that far. I said Jessica Jones and Rey are life-changing characters. And while part of me wants to back off on that and say it’s an exaggeration, a bigger part of me is yelling, “No, you leave that title right there, it’s exactly right!”

Let me explain.

I am currently re-watching the full season of Jessica Jones and, on Friday, I will see Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the third time and I already have tentative plans to see it a fourth time, and that’s a pretty big deal.

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The ones who pulled no punches

So, um, yeah, these guys…. These guys just totally went for it.

One or two tried to be cryptic. One or two tried to…who am I kidding? They didn’t try.

They just went for it and told me what they wanted to do to me or what they wanted me to do to them. (I’ll write an entry later in which I hope to remember to address that bit about doing things¬†to¬†people.) Continue reading

The men of few words

Let’s be honest, most of these guys didn’t stand a chance at getting a response anyway, but I’m also not going to do all the work in this. As it was, ghost writer and I decided – when we couldn’t keep up with the messages one night – that we just wouldn’t answer anyone who only said ‘hi.’

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I don’t even know what to say….

Alright, so it became clear that ghost writer and I could say pretty well anything to the guys on this site and they would continue to message. We could send messages that were complete nonsense. We could send messages in which we were being mean. We could send messages in which we were being nonsensically mean.

And they would just keep messaging.

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